Wise: We’re verifying you

After using for many years Wise start to give this error for a bunch of recent money transfers

We’re verifying you

We’re still checking your documents, we’re sorry it’s taking longer than expected. Please keep an eye on your email inbox – we may need to get in touch

Wise We're verifying you
Wise We’re verifying you

I’ve no clue what this error is or what caused it. I didn’t get any email regarding this issue.

I’ve reached out Wise for explanation. I’ll update when I get any reply from them.

2 responses to “Wise: We’re verifying you”

    • Hello, Yes it was resolved in due course of time. You should wait for the duration they have said and it will be approved, if not you can contact their support to get it resolved. It will be processed eventually so no need to stress yourself too much.

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