iD Mobile – You’re in a queue – WTF!!!

There is no dearth of fucking idiots who will not stop to prove that they are fucking dumb. The latest company to join this dumb club is iD Mobile. These idiots are using a fucking crap service which throttles incoming traffic to the website.

When you try to login to iD mobile you are put in a queue then wait for 5 minutes or so and when your turn comes up you are put back again in the que.


Fucking chat support doesn’t work.

If you think you are smart and try to use their mobile app, which is not an app but fucking HTML wrapped in the app which is basically the website itself, you will face similar issue.

These assholes just lost a very valuable customer. I’m moving away from them.

Fuck you ID Mobile!!

You’re in a queue.

We’re experiencing a high number of users right now, so we’ve placed you in a queue. You don’t need to do anything, just stay on this page.
What is this?

Expected wait time: 3 minutes

Queue ID: bblahblahblag…

12 responses to “iD Mobile – You’re in a queue – WTF!!!”

  1. Few days I also face similar problem and couldn’t login, after being frustrated I moved to another network. ID Mobile has started to suck big time.

  2. I’m not seeing this message but I’m facing another issue. When I try to login it shows trying to authenticate and then page goes blank. I tis funny that I’m using their own mobile data to login. I think ID Mobile have fucked up big time. I’m also thinking of leaving them.

    • Oh well, thanks for sharing this post. If they are doing maintenance then they should show a message on the login page regarding this rather than pissing us off by putting in an infinite queue loop. This again proves that they are even dumber.

  3. “iD Mobile was launched by Dixons Carphone (now Currys PLC) in 2014 with a promise to solve common frustrations with other mobile operators by offering cheap, flexible 4G and 5G services on the Three network. It is now owned by Curry’s Group.”

    Solving frustrations or giving more frustrations?

    They are cheap for a reason.

    It is owned by Curry who is now being in the process of being sold. They are going down, time to move on.

    • Maybe not because I tried accessing their website and app from there own network (mobile data) and it is still showing same issue. I don’t think they are blocking IP addresses.

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