Drupal Deletes Forum Posts If You Criticise Them

Someone contacted me and asked me why their thread on Drupal forum was removed. Here is the link to the forum post


Drupal Deleted Thread From It’s Forum Which Discussed If Drupal Is Dead?

Since this thread is deleted and way back machine hasn’t indexed, it’s difficult to tell if there was anything wrong with the post itself or not.

It just simply seems that this post really pissed off Drupal and they decided to delete the thread.

What a bunch of hypocrites, they can’t take criticism with a pitch of salt.

To be honest, Drupal is really dead. R.I.P.

2 responses to “Drupal Deletes Forum Posts If You Criticise Them”

  1. Hey Josh, I’ve seen that thread on Drupal forum titled “Is Drupal Dead”. I’ve also seen their fierce replies and defence in favour of Drupal. You are right in saying that they indeed got pissed off eventually and decided to delete the thread. There was nothing wrong with the thread as such. Hats off to you for bringing up this issue.

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